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Description: 2.4 Petabytes!!!! Timestamp: 2013-05-30 19:37:07 +0000
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  1. Dear Chris,
  3. Was just listening to Tech Snap 110 where you all were talking about NSA collecting all emails etc. I work tech support for a leading backup and storage management software suite. In the course of my work I got a call from the Department of Homeland Security that was looking for support in handling an Oracle backup performance problem.
  5. In diagnosing the problem I questioned the customer about the size of the database that was being backed up.
  7. He was VERY hesitant to discuss this with me. However he eventually divulged that the Oracle database in question was 2.4 Petabytes!!!! in size.
  9. What makes this number more impressive is this was right around 2009...
  11. Cheers!
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