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Description: Remote Access Timestamp: 2016-05-12 18:32:45 +0000
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  1. Love your show, it’s an inspiration to me and I’d like to try out some of the ideas you shared when I have the time.
  3. A question, how can I do a “Remote Access” like Plex has? All I had to do is in Plex settings to tick a box to allow remote access. I didn’t have to do anything to the router/firewall. Now I can access my Plex server from the web browser from outside of my network as I was at home.
  4. I’ve also noticed that OwnCloud has similar solution. They are calling it “ownCloud Proxy”. It allows connecting to your privately hosted ownCloud from anywhere, without requiring you to make any changes to your local network settings – no router configuration, no DNS entries, no domain name registration.
  6. I haven’t tried the OwnCloud Proxy solution but for Plex you don’t need to install on the other computer any additional software. Just open a web browser and you are good to go. And most importantly NO changes to your local network settings. Problem with VPN, you need to install/setup a VPN connection to my network from an outside computer on which you might not have sufficient rights. And I need to configure my router to allow VPN traffic
  8. How can I setup this kind of services? Where do I start? What to google? I’m not looking to replace Plex Remote Access but I would like to replace OwnCloud Proxy. Will I be able to use this solution for anything else or just OwnCloud?
  10. Thanks for the great show, keep it up.
  11. John
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