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Description: Long Term Rolling Feedback Timestamp: 2020-03-23 20:28:00 +0000
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  1. Re: # 341 "Long Term Rolling"
  2. 1. TimeShift is great.  It shows the Linux Mint team is focused on adding important user facing features.
  3. 2. TimeShift is donationware.  I don't know if Mint is paying developer Tony George, but I didn't hear you guys recommend donating. I have donated.
  4. 3. Testing TimeShift.  I tested it, but have not (yet) had the kind of system failure from which it would provide a critical restore.  Perhaps you guys could try it on something important, like that, urk, Arch server?
  5. 4. Remember "Ask Noah?"  Several Mint users / supporters (I was just one) challenged Michael Tunnell's oft-repeated disparagement of Mint on his podcasts (esp., Destination Linux). He sorta' backed down, but good old Noah went down the path "why do they dare provide a mandatory system backup tool in Mint" path. He's good for lighting a fire, but not always the best for adding "light" to a topic.
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