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Description: Thoughts after youtube-dl Timestamp: 2020-11-07 19:27:17 +0000
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  1. Hey guys,
  3. In episode 377 you touched upon the youtube-dl removal from GitHub and argued that developers should diversify their code hosting to reduce the risk of loosing access. I’ve been pondering about this topic ever since GitLab almost shut me out of their website by requiring telemetry opt-in in 2019. Here’s what I came up with to put my mind at ease:
  5. (1) I’m self hosting Gitea out of my living room
  7. I use a HummingBoard i2ex together with Yunohost, FreeDNS and inadyn. The board is ancient but it’s just enough for running Gitea, Wallabag and my personal website (which nobody reads anyway :D).
  9. (2) I mirror all my repositories to both GitHub and GitLab
  11. This has multiple reasons. For one thing, my low-end ARM board can make it tricky for people to clone larger repos – especially when they’re located far away from me. So I’m basically (ab)using GitHub / GitLab for their servers and bandwidth.
  13. I also don’t want people to have Gitea accounts on my private board (because it’s a pain to maintain) and, unfortunately, Gitea still requires accounts for things like opening issues. So I’m (ab)using GitHub / GitLab for their community features.
  15. The other reason I’m mirroring is that just as I don’t have much trust into GitHub and GitLab guaranteeing the availability of my repos, I also don’t have much trust into my own technical proficiency when it comes to maintaining a server. So I’m (ab)using GitHub / GitLab for public backups.
  17. To automate the mirroring, I wrote a simple shell script. It uses GitHub’s / GitLab’s API (which are remarkably similar) to create / update repo details and pushes all remote references to the mirrors.
  19. The best thing: It happily mirrors itself so you can find the script on Gitea (, GitHub ( and GitLab (
  21. Thanks for doing this show!
  23. Best
  24. Hans
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