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  1. Hi Chris and Matt,
  3. I have a suggestion for the Android pick on LAS. 7 months ago I moved from Italy, my home country, to Ireland. I bought a Nexus 7 to help my new life, and, as you know, it has a GPS. So I searched for a maps and GPS application, possibly free software and using openstreemap data.
  5. I found OsmAnd
  7. This is a brilliant application. It has offline maps support, but you can still have an overlay from online sources. It can route you while driving, doing a very good job. I used it for a weekend travel to Austria and it just worked.
  9. Check it out, and keep it in mind for an App pick!
  11. Love the shows, I have the firefox extension installed and I'm more then happy helping a little bit every time I do shopping (usually on amazon).
  13. Cheers
  14. Enrico
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