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Author: John Federico (@gadgetboy) Language: text
Description: Giving up on daily driver? Timestamp: 2021-02-16 17:47:35 +0000
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  1. Greetings, LUP'ers.
  3. Do you sometimes wonder if it's time to give up on a Linux desktop as your daily driver?
  5. I'm no stranger to Linux, having built a PC with bespoke components in 1995 so that it could run Slackware 1.0 with a 15-inch CRT, but I've used a Mac exclusively since 2000. After starting a new job at a Windows shop in 2018, I didn't feel iike spending the money to upgrade my 2015 MacBook Pro and found myself exploring Linux DE's. About a year ago, I bought a System76 Lemur Pro running Pop!_OS.
  7. Here's my dilemma:
  9. I LOVE my Lemur Pro.
  11. BUT, since getting it, I've decided to return to podcasting and I find that I need to run a VM for certain audio applications. It started with Descript, then the Rodecaster Pro utilities, then Hindenburg Journalist Pro. I find myself in Windows more often than I'd like. (And I hate Windows.)
  13. Sure, there are plenty of DAW's available for Linux, but Descript will probably never be available, and it's just amazing how much faster Descript is than a traditional DAW. (I export the timeline to Hindenburg Journalist for final effects and encoding to mp3.)
  15. At what point do you just give up and return to a mainstream desktop? Two apps in a VM? Three?
  17. Thanks in advance. Interested to hear your thoughts.
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