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Description: Criminal molesters,attempted murderers, witness intimidate(rs), kickback artists, suborn(ers) of perjury etc are b Timestamp: 2017-08-26 10:24:57 +0000
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  20. Make no mistake - m4w (Kalifornia)
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  25. After the divide you created between my son and I.... There's no turning back. You have no idea of the wealth I can possess, you have no idea of the wealth I can create. You have no idea of the depth of understanding i have of the war that exist... Brace yourself, lies are found out in time but truth is eternal and you have already seen the seeds of your own defeat. My son will learn the truth and you.... Will become his enemy. I will have him with me much longer than you, And when he learns the truth he will hate you. The battle vs the war. We are at war you and I...
  27. I don't long to hold you...
  28. I long for you to defeat yourself..
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  48. @georgewherbert,corrupt doj Ari/Alex Kriegsman, corrupt former chief of police of Los Altos&Sunnyvale, Don Johnson,corrupt former chief of police of San Carlos, Greg Rothaus, corrupt Judge Mary Arand,corrupt Judge Sharon Chatman, corrupt Judge Douglas Southard, corrupt Judge Leon Fox, corrupt Jeff Feinberg/ rddedhd, corrupt Judge Corey in Santa Clara County California, corrupt mcmtnviewpd/ Mike Canfield, UCSF NARC "David Cipriano", corrupt non existent John Doffing ( fake bigwallgraphics/ fake walls360), corrupt Stanford Stan Fischman, corrupt Stanford Dan Madison, corrupt former CIO of Lucile Packard, (John ?) ,corrupt attorney Ed Medlin, corrupt attorney Alfonso Lopez,corrupt Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess", corrupt attorney Tanya O'Malley,corrupt non existent Ruby Kriegsman/Ruby Pratt/Ruby Pratt Kriegsman/Ruby Rose/yourvictorygirl/thegildedrose (actually attorney Barbara Moser & her psycho psychologist daughter), attorney Susan Crandall, corrupt mlb giants manager Todd Pierce,corrupt / collarme "ropingdom" , corrupt Stanford/ collarme "James Dean", corrupt convicted child molester James Cota/macimiay/pacifigrey/Drew Mansfield on, schizophrenic & bipolar Alice Wistar Herbert, attempted murderer (&not the only one) attorney Earnest Cardona,corrupt Kron 4 Henry tenenebaum,corrupt Leslie Johnson (mvhs, 94040), corrupt Tina (mvhs,94040), corrupt Tom Henning (MVHS & springer Elementary ,94040), corrupt madam Clidean Sliger, corrupt Brytne Lu Sliger, corrupt MVHS,94040, Anita ; corrupt ( Chevys,94040),Eric Nealon, corrupt (Chevys,94040,bartender) Ben, corrupt son Mark at La Mere Michelle in Saratoga, corrupt Shekoh Ainsworth, corrupt @williamwallmd ,faking bipolar disorder Kim Flomenhoft , corrupt madam at the Los Altos pharmacy, corrupt UC Davis dean of letters & sciences, corrupt UC Davis E* (working towards a phd in physics, corrupt UC Davis Christine Carlson (now an attorney), UC Davis Simon Pitfield, half Jewish & half Norwegian UC Davis K*vin, UC Davis Justin, and
  49. corrupt attempted murderer,rapist,psycho,pimp, cocaine seller,perjurer,kickback provider,kickback receiver,perjury suborn(er),illegal hacker,libel writer,slanderer,+, Rick Zahensky, are back at it,again,
  51. intimidating witnesses,attempting to write libel,slander, and obstruct justice,among other things
  53. Anything we ever say,or write on the internet/www,in private or public,through fax,through email,through ota methods,w/1,or 1+ people present,for legal purposes,is speculation
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