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Description: Zorin OS 7 Timestamp: 2013-06-15 22:07:29 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris and Matt,
  3. I have been using linux for a bit over a year, and have been watching LAS for several months, I absolutely love it, thank you for the weekly awesomeness.
  5. Anyways, for most of my time on linux I have been running Ubuntu 12.04 on my main computer, but I am an incurable tinkerer, so I try out plenty of other distros on my secondary machines. Most of the other distros I've played around with are the ones you have talked about on the show, (for example, Ubuntu 13.04, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, linux Mint, OpenSuse, debian, and of course arch.) and they're all pretty nice...
  6. HOWEVER, I am typing this up on an ubuntu derivative I have not heard you mention at all on the show, and I am absolutely blown away that it is only 12th on distrowatch at the time of writing, and not getting more attention. It is called Zorin OS 7 (I am using the free edition). It is an Ubuntu derivative, and dare I say, it is the darned best out of the box experience I have ever had. (This is coming from somone who has used Ubuntu for most of his Linux career). I have been using the live CD for all of 15 minutes, and here are some features that make me love this distro already:
  8. 1. The Zorin Look Changer: With two or three clicks, you can drastically change how this baby looks, no logging out and back in, no fuss whatsoever. In the live CD I'm using, it can mimic win 7, XP, or gnome 2, and I'm told once it's installed there are other options, like OS X and Unity. By default the look mimics windows 7, and while I no longer use or like windows 7, I have to say, the resemblance is uncanny. Like, scary uncanny. Enough to where if I showed this distro to a windows user put off by windows 8's metro, They'd find their way around with no problem whatsoever. For all you gnome 2 diehards, I've been using gnome 2 (or something that looks exactly like it) from the look changer, and wow, now I see why people are so crazy about it. :D
  10. 2. It's Freaking Pretty. It sounds petty, but the effects really are nice. Out of the box, in the live CD, the 3D cube I keep hearing about but can never get working on ubuntu works flawlessly. Also, it has some really slick window animations, giving it even more of a slight 3Dish look. It even has the window snapping animation from Ubuntu 13.04! The default blue theme is nice, too.
  12. 3. It is darned fast. Scarily fast for me, at least. Fast to the point that opening up google chrome (which is installed by default) on this machine which has a Core 2 Duo at 2.5Ghz, and 6 GB of RAM, (remember this is just a live USB) reminds me of the speed of opening Chrome on my main machine with a quad core intel i7 at 2Ghz, 8GB of RAM, and an SSD Running Ubuntu 12.04. I'm sure if I benchmarked it my i7 + SSD machine would win out no matter what distro, but that's how fast it feels like.
  14. 4. Everything works out of the box. Everything. (Wham, Bam, thank you Ma'am as they say!)
  16. In conclusion, this distro absolutely rocks. I am dumbfounded that I have not heard more about it, and to be honest, a bit frustrated it doesn't have more attention. I know that you don't want to kill your arch installation, but please, at least try it in virtualbox and see what you think, because Zorin OS 7 (Free) deserves a review.
  18. Thank you for making it through my incredibly long-winded novel, and have a nice day!
  20. -TheGuy
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