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You :
lol fuck that

1 min ago

Lol they are both heroes... interesting. But seriously, navarok has 0 soulpoints ... he's literally brand new. This is a bit awkward, how are you brand new yet have bought hero days?

3 min ago

Hello everybody,
To be more specific, I am an old player of Hordes, for which I had another account, adamadexter. I've just restart this game for a fortnight.
I am brand new on Die2nite and Dieverdammten.

1 h 47 min ago

2 recruits
navarok found by me they have been playing hordes and has played d2n with another account in the past.
armpit found by DrGonzo I have no idea what he is like.

They have both been asked to fill out applications, let the grilling commence, not that we want to make them nervous, although they should be
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