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Description: Employment vs self-employment Timestamp: 2019-02-11 16:22:54 +0000
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  1. Name: Steve Lopez
  3.  Just a comment regarding an episode a few weeks back regarding being an employee or working for oneself.   There are definitive benefits if you find the right employer, and it looks like Linux academy is so for Chris.
  5. I decided to do what Chris did - accept employment, after all, I was struggling as a self-employed individual.   But this new employer started to change my hours - working till 7 or 9 pm, and they also started had me do work that I was not hired to do.   But I continued forward since I appreciated having a regular paycheck.
  7. One morning we received company-wide notice our employer was concerned about how often people went to the bathroom.  Shortly after that, we had to ask permission to take a break, eat lunch, etc.  I finally had it and gave my resignation notice.
  9. I guess like a marriage; the challenge is to find the right mate/employer.
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