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Description: Gnome 40 Changes Timestamp: 2021-01-05 18:22:54 +0000
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  1. Happy New Year's!
  2. I am a Gnome user.
  3. Gnome has a killer workflow for me that no other desktop offers without a ton of customization. I use autohidetopbar as my only extension to create a clean desktop. I'm slightly nervous of the new changes proposed to my bread & butter activities overview.
  7. I'm sure the changes will be welcomed, but the activities overflow is what I use to move quickly to other applications. It's much quicker than sequential alt-tabbing and doesn't require crazy key combos/memorizations. I also like how I can easily manage my work and home workspaces with the overview. Before the pandemic, I did a magic trick and replaced Windows 10 with Ubuntu at work. My coworker quickly noticed how changing from Windows 10(company standard) to a Gnome desktop was really key for my workflow and productivity.
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