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Description: C++ Developer Feedback Timestamp: 2020-09-13 20:20:20 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris, Wes, and Payne (aka Michael),
  3. I'm a full-time C++ developer at a small company where I do cross-platform application development and maintain a massive legacy codebase. Anyways, I wanted to throw in my two cents on your latest conversation around C++.
  5. C++ is one of the hardest programming languages to learn - don't forget about templating in C++, which is practically another programming language altogether.  While many people in the C++ community are trying hard to make C++ more accessible and safer, things like undefined behavior, unsafe defaults, and antiquated functionality within the standard library make it an uphill battle. And some fixes would require breaking ABI, something the standards committee can't agree on doing even ten years down the road (
  7. While there are nice benefits to the standardization process and improvements in C++ with each new standard, it's not fast enough nor ambitious enough to solve the fundamental issues many developers face on a day-to-day basis, such as package/dependency management, memory management, and code correctness. Many have tried and failed to make C++ better from the inside, which is I think why we have so many spin-offs that are meant to be better replacements for C++.
  9. I hope to see Rust and Go continue to replace C++ code, not only for my sanity, but because its also just more fun to develop in Rust and Go. They let you really focus on the problem your trying to solve instead of bunch more problems you now need to solve as well.
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