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Description: How do i start a movie streaming website without funding Timestamp: 2019-07-17 01:13:25 +0000
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  1. How do i start a movie streaming website without funding
  2. What do you mean without funding? You mean to say you won't buy even buy domain and hosting?
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  18. Well, you can do it if you know how to hack a streaming site and take it as your own. :)
  20. You need to invest at least some money into it.
  22. Please help
  23. if it where that simple and FREE everyone would do it
  24. sites/domains cost money.
  26. If you don't have any experience with managing sites starting an illegal movie streaming sites will just create trouble for you.
  28. you need to have at least somewhat budget to manage a movie site
  30. Please help
  32. Yes you can also get the DOmain and Hosting in free, Search on google to get free !
  34. Get a free domain by google searching for a free domain (though I doubt it would last very long, free domian providers like freenom review and suspend domains which violate their ToS), then get free hosting from somewhere like 000webhost, or x10hosting, do byethost still exist? (again, when it's free you're under more scrutiny so the chances of you flying by unnoticed is slim, your hosting and domain WILL get terminated at some point) Then install WordPress, find a cool theme, add some movies.
  36. Though you wont get far with a free site. You gotta spend money to make money.
  38. I can help you with 500+ latest bollywod movies
  40. Home Page:
  41. Test this:
  42. 1. Collect movies from Openload or from torrent around 100 movies with at least HD quality
  43. 2. Upload to your openload account.
  44. 3. Buy domain or and hosting for cheap here
  45. 4. Install wordpress, meta tag plugin, social share plugins, google analytics
  46. 5. Now embed your openloads videos to wordpress & copy movies details from IMDB or from other resources
  47. 6. Grab keywords with atleast 10k/month and build some backlinks
  48. 7. Edit some fighting or interesting movie clips from those 100 movies and adjust video & audio settings using camtasia
  49. 8. Now upload them to youtube, share with your friends, and don't forget to add your website url in youtube description.
  50. 9. buy some views for $3, if possible buy likes and comments as well.
  51. 10. Get some backlinks for those youtube clips, or give a gsa blast, hope those available here for $5.
  52. 11. Social signals to your website from facebook share, twitter hashtags, instagram hashtags
  53. 12. Comment on new movie trailers, other movies clips, and other more views videos from other account in youtube and drop your youtube movie channel.
  54. 12. Wait for 3months.
  56. Here your going to spend around, below $50. But if you keep adding more movies daily like atleast 5/day, within 3months you have around 500movies.
  58. If you don't get results as expected, flip it via flippa. You'll get atleast 200usd for the domain, this is how I sold my website as movie rental website in flippa for 870$ which was 8months old.
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