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  1. Hello, Chris and Chase.
  3. You guys may have been joking about a celebrity tribute, but that inspired me to donate to the cause for one man. Mr. Bill Hicks.
  4. If you're not fans, become fans. He is a dead profit who deserves an entire episode. Hell I played his album Live from Oxford for my dad about six years ago, and he was confused that this guy was talking about current events, but dropping twenty year old references. I had to explain that Hicks died in 1994. Al he could say was "Holy shit." after that.
  6. You guys can be a bit too right wing for me, but I like to listen to all sides of an issue. Keep up the good work.
  8. Side thought. Maybe you should try to go for 300 subscriptions at five dollars a piece. Netflix is nine dollars a month, and they give you new Arrested Development. Not that the show isn't worth $13.33 (That's what I am paying), but everyone doesn't have the financial freedom that I do.
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