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Description: Missing disk Timestamp: 2014-10-27 00:04:36 +0000
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  1. Hi,
  2. I have been using OpenBSD and FreeBSD for some time now and I love
  3. BSD as server. After watching your episodes (great by the way) i
  4. decided to write to you for help.
  5. I encountered a problem and have no idea how to manage it.
  6. Maybe you know a solution or hear about something similar and can
  7. help or point me somwhere to resolve this case...
  8. Maybe people who wrote drivers for LSI can help?
  10. It starts when i was replacing my old nas. Old nas had 2 raidz (4x
  11. hdd each) and everything was working fine. Having fresh new system
  12. (FreeBSD 10 release) with one raidz2 (6x hdd) l decided to move all
  13. disks from old nas to new machine. All zpools was seen. All was
  14. working fine except one moved raidz which was degraded.
  15. One drive was missing...
  16. System do not see that disk and it do not apear in dmesg...
  18. At first I thought that disk just died, but after checking it in
  19. another system it is seen and works perfectly fine.
  20. I have double checked all power connectors and all are ok for sure.
  21. New system has 3 controllers. One onboard (supermicro motherboard)
  22. and 2 m1015 falshed to IT (firmware 17). I have swaped disks between
  23. controlers and different connectors. The mysterious disk connected to
  24. each of those controlers on differend connectors is not seen... Other
  25. disks connected in the same place are seen and just work seamlesly.
  26. I have even run new system with only system disk and the mysterious
  27. one, and again mysterious disk is not seen...
  29. I have also downloaded newer (than buildin) drivers for m1015 (from
  30. LSI webpage). Switching to them do not change anything and the
  31. mystrious disk is still not seen by the system. After that i have
  32. switched back to stock freebsd driver.
  34. What to do to make FreeBSD to see the drive?
  36. Best regards,
  37. Kamil
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