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Description: Pi4 Projects Timestamp: 2020-03-23 20:19:46 +0000
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  1. Long time listener, I just wanted to share with you my recent project, based on recent pi4 discussions. I've purchased the following geekworm x828 for my pi4, as I had some spare ssds laying around. This is a backup zfs node for my main zfs server. To replicate the zfs datastores and snapshots I'm using Jim S's Sanoid/Syncoid. Works wonders, very fast, and that's just it, it works reliably. I can very easily failover to this and keep serving my VM's while I repair my main zfs server. I have a stack on this pi4, 4x 512gb ssds, two mirrored, 1tb total storage. I run Ubuntu 19.10 across the board. Only my edge device is vyos, Debian.
  5. I have to say in my initial testing of the pi4, the dedicated 1gbps nic is well worth upgrade. I initially had a 6tb drive connected and moved about 5tb in 13 hours. It cranks and saturated that connection at 1.5gbps at times. My main servers run on 10gbps backend. I've spent the past 3 weeks converting away from VMware to KVM. I've been a long time VMware user, use VMware here at work, and since running kvm, I am much happier and the shit is so much faster. I won't be going back at this time. Openvswitch is next on my to-do list for this project to seal the deal.
  7. Anyways maybe this info can help you and other viewers. Keep up the great work and content.
  9. Thanks,
  10. Jason
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