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Description: Open Source Home Networking Timestamp: 2016-09-08 18:20:11 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris and Allan,
  3. long time fan here. I am wiring up my house with Ethernet for the first time ever and I ran into a nooby question couldn't solve in 15min of googling/DuckDuckGo-ing.
  5. What is the difference between a router and a switch?
  7. I inherited a pfsense firewall. One that runs on an embedded atom board, and has 4 Ethernet ports. I
  8. want to know if I need an additional switch or if the pfsense will act as a switch.
  10. My second question is.
  12. What would be your ideal build for an all open source home network?
  14. I am thinking cable modem from ISP (tell them I have a Cisco firewall) . A pfsense firewall. A Low power atom server for routing and some form of BSD or Linux router OS. With a FreeNAS mini XL as file server and VM backend. And possibly that portable wifi access point Alan got in Japan or a couple of them.
  16. What is Chris' ideal build?
  17. What is Alan's ideal build?
  18. What are your thoughts on hp, Sysco and juniper switches and routers?
  20. I have some additional details because Alan always asks for more.
  22. I currently use my cable provider's modem/router/wifi access point, and want to switch to something more robust.
  23. I have a WRT-54G wifi router with DD-WRT that I can use as an access point and another wifi-N router that I could flash with open-WRT or DD-WRT. And I have the pfsense router.
  25. I want to have a home server that I can turn on or off from my iPhone, so I am thinking some form of VPN and a wake-on-LAN app.
  27. Lastly I just want to gush praise for you guys for consistently putting out a world class podcast. I found LAS four years ago while working as a janitor and have listened to most of your shows since then and become a patron. I think that the ZedFS action show...oops...I mean TechSNAP is my favorite. I want you guys to know you are responsible for the fact that I now work in IT and make 150% of my salary as a janitor.
  29. -Tyler
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