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  1. The banner of Gods love, and ensign of righteousness spread over his people in these later dayes wherein the true light shineth, and the mysterie that hath been hid from ages and generations, is revealed to the saints, which is, Christ in us the hope of glory, as our forefathers witnessed, read Col. I. 26, 27, 28, 29 : also, a testimony against them who formerly hath tasted of the good word of God, and the power of the world to come ... most especially, those that are called anabaptists and Independents : also, a few words in warning to the priests, professors, and people of the town and county of Southampton : with a few queries to the rulers and magistrates of England, to try their fruits whether they be according to the Christian magistrates recorded in the Scripture of truth, or according to the heathenish kings and rulers in former ages : set forth most especially for the sake of the honest-hearted, who are not wholly given up to believe lyes, that they may come to know the way of life and peace.pdf ebook, pdf, Society of Friends -- Doctrines,
  2. The Kings Maiesties letter sent to the House of Commons and there read with a worthy speech spoken by Sir William Wroth concerning the Parliaments complying with His Majesties propositions contained therein : desiring that it may be taken into present consideration and in answer returned to His Majestie concernng the same.pdf ebook, pdf, Great Britain -- History -- Civil War, 1642-1649,
  3. Politeuphuia, wits common-wealth.pdf ebook, pdf, Aphorisms and apothegms, Maxims,
  4. Jamaica's Michael Manley the great transformation (1972-92).pdf ebook, pdf, Manley, Michael, 1924-, Jamaica -- Politics and government -- 1962-,
  5. Veritas evangelica, or, The Gospel-truth asserted in sixteen useful questions which being seriously searched into, will open the way to find out assuredly the true and saving faith of Christ which is but one, as the apostle affirms.pdf ebook, pdf, Faith -- Miscellanea,
  6. An account of the great divisions, amongst the Quakers, in Pensilvania, &c. as appears by their own book, here following, printed 1692, and lately came from thence, intituled, viz. The plea of the innocent, against the false judgment of the guilty : being a vindication of George Keith, and his friends, who are joined with him in this present testimony, from the false judgment, calumnies, false informations and defamations of Samuel Jenings, John Simcock, Thomas Lloyd, an others, joyned with them, being in number twenty eight : directed, by way of epistle, to faithful friends of truth, in Pensilvania, East and West-Jersey, and else-where, as occasion requireth.pdf ebook, pdf, Stockdale, William, -- d. 1693, Society of Friends -- Controversial literature,

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