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Description: Potential Interview with krita maintainer for upcoming release Timestamp: 2015-03-01 02:14:57 +0000
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  1. Hello
  2. I'm contacting you to see if there is any interest in interviewing someone from the krita team for LAS.
  3. Krita is nearing it's biggest release ever and has shown what kicktarter can mean for FLOSS. Many of the promised features are implemented and many more are being prepared for a new round.
  4. I'm a member of both communities (jupiterbroadcasting and Krita)  and would find it awesome to see krita represented on LAS in an interview or maybe even live demonstration if that can be achieved technically.
  5. There are many videos that show off the new features as well as speedpaints , and these can be shown while talking,so it can be visually appealing as well.
  6. You can find us on IRC or you can contact the main dev Boudewijn at
  7. It's not often there is a chance to see a more art-centric LAS ,so I just wanted to see if there was any intrest from Jupiterbroadcasting in highlighting a good art program,more fully.
  8. Kind regards
  9. Steven
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