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Description: Coder Radio 368 - Clojure, Racket, and Extempore Timestamp: 2019-08-07 16:32:16 +0000
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  1. Thanks for the great show. I am really enjoying the seven languages segments of the show.
  3. I just wanted to share with Mike that if he is looking for a good free resource to start learning Clojure check out “Clojure for the brave and true”. You can read it free online at or you could by the book. Two books that would be worth buying are “Living Clojure” by Carin Meier and “Getting Clojure” by Russ Olsen.
  5. At the end of the last show, you mentioned that you had to take some time to think about the code that you were writing in Clojure before you started to code. I know you may have found this frustrating but I also think that part of writing good Clojure code is taking the time to think through the problem that you are attempting to solve.
  7. Thinking about the problem could take the form of leveraging the REPL to work out code to solve a problem or you could spend some time away from your computer screen (or in “Hammock Time”) working out problems.  If I have learned anything from Clojure’s creator, “Rich Hickey” its “Programming is not about not about typing, it’s about thinking”.
  9. In reference to what mike said about talking more about Lisp and its influences on programming, I think two interesting Lisp/Scheme languages you or mike could spend some time with is “Raket” and Extempore  
  11. (Ninth RacketCon videos -
  13. (OSCON YouTube video of Creator Andrew Sorensen -
  15. Both of these are very interesting languages that I am sure will help both of you have a deeper appreciation of what is “currently” being done with lisp outside of Clojure.
  17. Keep up the great work and once again thanks for all the great shows
  19. Bob
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