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Description: Open Source Support Timestamp: 2020-10-27 16:31:53 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris and Wes,
  3. Why don't we as a community acknowledge the freaking amazing level of technical support we get for our software which we've paid exactly $0 to use?
  5. This week I had the great displeasure to contact a certain commercial vendor about a technical issue in their product, which we've paid a lot of money to use. I couldn't get in touch with any qualified personnel who could understand the problem we're having (less to fix it), and had to give up and debug the issue myself.
  7. I guess we're not spending enough millions to be able to have a direct lifeline to whoever is actually writing the product.
  9. This got me thinking about the level of support I've seen on LKML so many times. It's very easy to get in touch directly with developers, who are generally eager to help.
  11. Here's one example: some guy posts about an HDD which crapped itself and b0rked a btrfs filesystem, Qu Wenruo (a btrfs developer and SUSE employee) responds in a few hours by writing a custom recovery tool specifically for this problem:
  15. Isn't this just great? If this were a commercial project, you'd have to shell out millions each year to be able to have this kind of support.
  17. And it's the norm, not an exception.
  19. PS: you have listeners even in the most remote parts of Central Asia. Love the show, keep it up.
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