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  1. alright here's my post-rock/whatever-else-i-decided-to-put-in-there genre guide, hopefully giving you an intro to the genre and a bit of the history about the progression of the genre with my personal bias coming up here and there. and of course i'm only doing albums here because you should mos def listen to the full albums here.
  3. history of post-rock
  4.         -this guy here ( does a really really good job at laying out the progression of post-rock and all of those bands he listed are definitely worth listening to
  6. most accessible/popular/(some of the best) post-rock
  7.         -Explosions in the Sky
  8.                 -The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003)
  9.                 -Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever (2001)
  10.                 -i don't really think EITS is that inaccessible at all of a band, especially as far as instrumental music goes, and you could really start anywhere you want with them. though if you do find it difficult to get into them, just listen to "Your Hand in Mine" and go from there on The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place.
  11.         -Mogwai
  12.                 -Young Team (1997)
  13.                 -The Hawk Is Howling (2008)
  14.                 -Young Team is one of my favorite post-rock albums of all time and i highly recommend you start there (the intro and closing tracks, dear god they're good) and it's also the one that sounds the most like EITS, which is where people normally come from. i started with The Hawk Is Howling and think that's a perfectly good access point too, though it sounds a good bit different than EITS/Young Team.
  15.         -This Will Destroy You
  16.                 -Young Mountain (2005)
  17.                 -i personally haven't dug much into This Will Destroy's other work but this is another excellent album continuing in this same vein of post-rock. not much else to say about them, this album is just a personal favorite of mine and very accessible.
  19. heavier side of post-rock
  20.         -Russian Circles
  21.                 -Empros (2011)
  22.                 -Enter (2006)
  23.                 -similar concepts and ideas to the bands listed before, but with a heavier  sound and playing style. i personally recommend Empros to start, then Enter
  24.         -God Is An Astronaut
  25.                 -All Is Violent, All Is Bright (2005)
  26.                 -i hate to keep comparing bands to EITS but i'm gonna do it again and say that these guys have a lot of the same textural lead guitar in the foreground of a lot of their songs like EITS, though with more distortion. also a good amount of keyboard/piano
  27.         -Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  28.                 -Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada (1999)
  29.                 -Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (2000)
  30.                 -so GY!BE has this kinda cult following around them, and for good reason. i really don't know why people recommend GY!BE right off the bat to get into post-rock, because i personally think they can be pretty inaccessible at times and take a bit of getting used to. you gotta be patient when listening to godspeed, their songs are very deliberate and drawn out. oh and start with Slow Riot and make sure to listen to the entire thing in one sitting. srsly, just do it.
  32. stuff that's kinda post-rock but not really-ish? and other random stuff
  33.         -Alcest
  34.                 -Ecailles De Lune (2010)
  35.                 -these guys are from france and apparently weren't even familiar with shoegaze (which is closely related to post-rock) when they made this album. it's kinda like if you took black metal, but took out the lo-fi production, added more melody to it, and threw some shoegaze in there as well. really excellent album and i highly highly recommend it.
  36.         -Battles
  37.                 -Mirrored (2007)
  38.                 -another genre that's closely related to post-rock is math rock. i'm pretty awful at describing math rock to people besides mentioning the fact that in math rock, musicians normally use weird time signatures like 7/8 or something like that in their songs. if i had to compare the math rock i listen to to third wave post-rock, i'd say it's less soundscape/ethereally oriented and has a more mechanical/technical feel to it.
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