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Description: Nextcloud Todo system Timestamp: 2020-10-06 17:20:55 +0000
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  1. I recently finished sorting out a Todo-list system for my Wife and I and thought I'd throw it out there. The system has to be pretty cross-platform because my wife has an iPhone, I have an Android phone, and while we both use Ubuntu on our laptops, I primarily use an iMac at work. Oh, and I have a PinePhone, Pinetab, and Pinebook Pro, so of course it's going to have to work on those.
  3. The actual functionality we need out of such a system is quite minimal; think "shared grocery list" and items with due dates. Other desired characteristics are open source, integration with the OS, and no more web apps please.
  5. Nextcloud's CalDav-based Tasks App fills out these requirements nicely. It integrates nicely with the Reminders App on macOS and iOS and GNOME's Todo App through the Internet/Online Accounts setup without requiring any additional software. On Android, a bit more is involved, namely the Nextcloud App, DAVx5, and (OpenTasks is also supported) - all of which are open source. That checks most of the boxes right there. No web apps and configuration isn't too bad. Pine devices should have no problem integrating with this in the future as GNOME Todo is open source and readily available on aarch64 Linux systems. The primary drawbacks are that the Reminders apps on both iOS and macOS lack support for sub-tasks and that Kanban-style boards, like Todoist now supports, aren't possible.
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