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Description: Laptop Just for Chillin! And stuff... BUT NOT GAMING! Timestamp: 2013-05-26 05:20:32 +0000
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  1. Gentlemen; great show!
  3. My first question after 100's of hours of listening to the show is this:
  5. >> What is your recommendation(s) for a laptop purchase for the sole purpose of running Linux on it. I am not a gamer, but I still have some pretty big-gun needs. Is AMD a better choice than Intel? I've heard talk that the latest generation of Intel chips are not as accommodating to Linux as previous versions.
  7. I want to avoid saying "price is no option," but realistically it isn't. As I am not a gamer, nor do I intend to be during the expected lifetime of this unit, I necessarily eliminate the need for really high-end graphics, and therefore one of the most expensive upgrades. That said, I would like it to drive at least 2 displays, but I hardly think that is a limiting factor these days.
  9. I haven't owned an AMD chip since they were clocked in the double digits, but preferred them then. The rebel in my likes the idea of siding with the #2 competitor, but the practicalside of me hates a laggy PC.
  11. I currently own several laptops / desktops, with my preferred being a Lenovo Y560, i7 (gen 1) running 1.6 mgHz, but it's build-quality is poor, and it only barely puts up with Linux (tried several).
  13. Thanks in advance for your suggestion(s),
  15. Mike, FaceOfEd
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