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Description: Steam Reporting Zero Free Space on ZFS disk Timestamp: 2017-10-11 12:29:19 +0000
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  1. Hello Wes and Dan,
  3. I finally decided to try ZFS on my archlinux machine since I was finally able to save up for a 4TB disk. I looked at the FreeBSD handbook which informed me that I'm able to use zfs on a single disk and then convert it to ZFS mirrors when I get new disk. I originally set the new zpool to be mounted to /mnt/storageA and chowned that directory to my normal user so that I may access it. I'm able to move and save files to the directory without a problem but when I went to set my steam download directory to the disk it's reported as having zero free space and zero space used which is completely wrong since this is a new 4TB disk with only a few music files in it. I originally thought that this was possibly due to a permissions error so I changed the directory's group from root to users and this still did not help at all, I then changed my mount point to ~/mnt/storageA to no avail. I looked online for similar issues and I can't really find anything related to ZFS reporting zero space to ste
  4. am
  6. Thank you in advanced and keep up the great work
  8. -Wilmer Alvarado
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