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Description: Vala Feedback Timestamp: 2014-09-08 18:04:05 +0000
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  1. hey guys, i would have loved to join the live mumble room but our timezones are not friendly with each other
  3. Mono v/s Vala: i've been using vala for more than 2 years now (for elementary OS) and I love that langauge, there are no good ide's yet but emacs/vim work amazingly well. The best part about writing cross platform apps in vala is that you can bundle resources inside the binary using gresources (someone asked this in the mumble room). Mike take a look at venom the crossplatform tox client which is written in vala
  4. Vala > Mono because it doesn't require a runtime pre-installed on the system
  7. More Language == More Growth: this i think is false, from personal experience. After dong some clojure (which i loved) i came back to C for a cli app and found myself passing structs to functions like i did with maps in clojure turns it became pretty close to OO (with out inheritance though). The easiest way to become good at a langauge is by write more code in that language.
  9. sorry for the long email but the show was **awesome**
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