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Description: Upgrading Bacula Timestamp: 2017-08-30 12:05:11 +0000
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  1. Hello guys, its time to start planing our bacula server upgrade. The current director is v7.0.5, on FreeBSD 10.3. Is there a way to update to each version with pkg, or can I go straight to bacula-server v7.4.7? I am reading on to see what changes were made etc, is the notes here good enough for the upgrade proccess?
  3. I assume I need to buy some new bacula-fd binaries, and the director and storage daemon has to be the same version I assume, does that go for the file daemons too or can I get away without changing all FD installs?
  5. Also, did something change with bacula v9 that means it will not become available for FreeBSD pkg install?
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