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Description: Wow have I seen ( smelt ) the future of broadcasting :-) Timestamp: 2014-09-23 18:52:51 +0000
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  1. Hey Guys
  3. I have been watching the LAS shows for well over a year and 1/2 now, starts my week with some great Linux content and allows me to deal with the MS corporate world I am immersed in.
  5. Just wanted to share with you a surreal experience I had on Monday ( 22/9) .
  7. I was working on my emails whilst watching your article on security onion, unknown to me my wife had returned from shopping and was preparing some food in the kitchen , and halfway through your the Security Onion section the smell of cooking onions started to waft into my home office which just added an additional dimension to the whole security onion user experience.
  9. You can keep your 3D glasses and alike , smellovision is the way forward :-)
  11. Keep you the great work guys, highlight of my week
  13. Regards
  15. AR
  17. PS
  19. LAS jacket ordered, going for a dark blue thsi time
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