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  1. <MrBougo> Pricetx: hey hey
  2. <MrBougo> I forgot you were on irc
  3. <MrBougo> so as I said in the forums, I don't understand why it seemed to work at one point, when you imported the public key
  4. <Pricetx> MrBougo, your name rings a bell...
  5. <MrBougo> oh, ah
  6. <MrBougo> sorry, I misunderstood your post
  7. <MrBougo> I just answered your forum thread, could that be it? ;P
  8. <MrBougo> alright
  9. <MrBougo> so that error with key 0 appeared when you removed the pubkey in debian, not when you added it in freebsd
  10. <Pricetx> Yeah, apologies if that was a little unclear
  11. <MrBougo> Pricetx: you say there's a in your library path?
  12. <Pricetx> MrBougo, interesting answer, I do on my "live" system (which used to work fine back on 0.5.0 about a year ago), but my test VM doesn't, just waiting for an installing to finish on another server, and i'll check then
  13. <MrBougo> okay
  14. <Pricetx> MrBougo, ah, yes, I can confirm that the other new installing does not contain libd0* (at least, not in /usr/local/lib where it is on the live server)
  15. <Pricetx> Although it definitely tries to do something with the libs, as during compilation I get this:
  16. <MrBougo> but it does not compile it, does it
  17. <Pricetx> hmm, if I query it as to which files it installed, it doesn't seem to include the libs:
  18. <MrBougo> can you link me to the port you're using?
  19. <MrBougo> I'm not familiar with bsd
  20. <Pricetx>
  21. <Pricetx> It's basically just a Makefile which fetches xonotic itself, then puts files in suitable locations, and in the case of these libs, applies some patches required
  22. <MrBougo> I see
  23. <MrBougo> it doesn't include blind_id indeed
  24. <Pricetx> What's curious is, I don't seem to see anything about blind_id in the Makefile
  25. <Pricetx> so i'm not sure what that output during compilation is caused by
  26. <MrBougo> probably your ports system auto-handling makefiles it recognizes
  27. <MrBougo> even if they never get used later, I guess?
  28. <Pricetx> Yeah, I was just thinking that, I'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable on the topic later
  29. <MrBougo> yup
  30. <Pricetx> well, that being said, what's the recommended way to get these libs installed myself? :p
  31. <MrBougo> I guess making your own port for it would be the best solution :X
  32. <MrBougo> good thing is that it can be standalone, it's not bound to xonotic
  33. <MrBougo> you'll have to put it in /usr/lib or something like that so it's better if it's handled by your package manager
  34. <Pricetx> Once I get it working, I can make it into a proper port, but in the meantime, is there something for me to grab and compile?
  35. <MrBougo> yup,
  36. <MrBougo> it lives in there
  37. <MrBougo> I'll be back in 30 minutes
  38. <Pricetx> ah, convenient
  39. <Pricetx> sure thing
  40. <Hhondar> Pricetx, oh thanks! an anchor.. I'll google that, thanks :3
  41. <Pricetx> MrBougo, Awesome! I worked it all out, I'll write some instructions down and update the forum post in a minute or two...
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