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Description: FreeBSD + Bacula as a portable VM Timestamp: 2017-01-31 13:21:41 +0000
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  1. Hey guys,
  2. Trying to step up my personal backup game from manually copying files or running jobs on a handful of computers (2x Macbooks, 2x Win10 PCs), and since I just heard Dan is ~the backup man~, here I go :)
  4. I'm setting up a VM to run (and learn in the process) FreeBSD. I"ll set the VM files to live on an external 2Tb drive, with the intention that I'll spin it up to run backups no matter where I'm running it from. I'm currently using VMware workstation (which I have running on both Win10 PCs), because I don't have any servers at home at the moment. If I ever do, it should be easy enough to copy my VM to there :)
  6. Anyway, seeking some guidance and feedback on my approach.
  8. 1) Would it be better to run the VM OS from on one of my PCs which have SSDs, and present the external drive directly to the VM for the actual backup files?
  10. 2) The VM wouldn't be on 24/7, but would be on at least a few times a week, enough to let backups start and finish. If Bacula hasn't run in a few days, will it run the highest priority job that a device needs? (I.e: full backups are on Sunday, but Bacula was off Saturday through Tuesday. On Wednesday, does it run that day's job, or Sunday's?)
  12. 3) How would you approach my scenario, while keeping cost at $0 and providing some good self-taught learning? Goal is centralized and unified management of backups of 4 devices, with access to one 2Tb external drive, a 1Gb LAN, but no other servers/storage.
  14. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. You're doing great at keeping Techsnap on my top listens each week :)
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