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Description: Tape Drives and Jails Timestamp: 2017-11-27 12:48:57 +0000
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  1. Hi guys,
  3. Thanks for all the cool show topics lately and reading some of my previous questions, but I got few more :)
  5. Tape Stuff:
  6. How can I connect a tape drive to backup data from a computer or a server? I see some old drives have only iSCSI interfaces but new hardware does not have those connectors anymore. How about via eSata or network maybe?
  7. How can I attach a tape drive to a Dell R710 for example to backup some VMs? Does the tape drive show up as a separate storage device?
  8. Do we need some software so we can dump the data on the tapes?
  9. Can I use a tape drive to backup FreeNAS data?
  11. Jails stuff:
  12. Can you run any kind of jails under FreeNAS or you have to have bare FreeBSD? Does FreeNAS have some limitation within their jails/plugins system .
  14. I hope its not too many question lol. Thanks again to Dan for posting the links to his gear on twitter!
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