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Description: Sharing SQL socket Timestamp: 2015-11-24 13:38:05 +0000
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  1. In my setup in FreeBSD 9.3 on zfs I have MySQL, Apache and egroupware setup in separate ezjails - because of my network layout, I feel I'm best off trying to share the MySQL socket instead of a tcp connection (unless I make a loopback interface I guess which I have no clue how to pull off without serious researching).
  3. question: in order to share the mysql socket, is it acceptable / preferred to use nullfs or is there some magical zfs solution I'm missing?
  5. I've asked around the FreeBSD forums, Spiceworks, serverfault and even FreeNAS forums to no avail (someone on spiceworks DID say it's not possible because zfs is a single file system, not clustered but he didn't cite alternative examples to solve my problem so I'm not ready to fully drink the koolaid he gave)
  7. I've been stumped for going on a week so far ... you guys have any suggestions?
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