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  1. Orange and weird, hear him yell
  2. Wonder when he'll go to hell
  3. Hates the jews, hates the news
  4. Has no friends, except Mike Pence
  5. I can smell that Trump is wearing Depends
  6. I can smell that Trump is wearing Depends
  8. Goes to Russia, gets a pee
  9. From hookers in the KGB
  10. Democracy dies off without a sound
  11. The GOP sells out without a sound
  12. Russia doesn't fire any rounds
  13. Conquers us with no boots on the ground
  15. There they are, his little elves
  16. Too absorbed within themselves
  17. He gets them khaki uniforms
  18. Undoes our healthcare reforms
  19. The Americans will never learn
  20. Will they survive long enough to learn?
  22. Level missiles, ring the bells
  23. He puts in the codes and yells
  24. Hopefully soldiers ignore the call
  25. Hopefully soldiers ignore the call
  26. Otherwise the Trump will kill us all
  27. Otherwise this chump will kill us all
  29. They will always have heads up ass
  30. They don't notice anything
  31. He's an orange snake down in the grass
  32. Everything he says sounds funny
  33. Because he never stops to think!
  35. Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed
  36. That a 50cal goes through his head
  37. Maybe he gets hit by a baseball
  38. Falls down the bleachers, faceplants again and again
  39. Maybe then we can get rid of his friends
  40. Yes then we can get rid of all his friends
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