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Author: Noah J. Chelliah Language: text
Description: New Altispeed Logo Timestamp: 2018-06-20 00:03:10 +0000
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  1. Altispeed Technologies was founded in 2009 with only $200 in a startup fund, and has grown to a national presence with employees and clients all around the US.
  3. Altispeed's first logo was designed by someone with no experience, no artistic talent, and no formal training, but as the saying goes "the price was right." That logo, despite any  flaws (and likeness to anatomy), has served us well for nine strong years.
  5. While we cherish the Altispeed brand, we believe that it is important to keep things fresh and new. Altispeed Technologies has always been on the cutting edge and that goes for both our branding as well as our technology, so we are looking for a talented artist to bring a fresh look to our logo.
  7. With ten years of history behind our existing logo, we are looking for a logo which has some sort of resemblance to the existing one, making it recognizable to existing clients. Our new logo should also respect the company's roots, but since this logo will likely be used for the next ten years to come, we need careful thought put into the design.
  9. Many of our products and services have been styled with an orange on black color scheme. While we welcome change unless you propose a color scheme which works better, the style should still be orange on black.
  11. Here are some conditions which, if not met, will disqualify your design:
  13. The designer must be willing to deliver the project files in SVG format. We would prefer it if you use Open Source tools to design the logo, but at minimum, an SVG project file must be submitted if we choose your design.
  15. You must be willing to relinquish all rights to the design. We will formally recognize you through our social media,and community outreach programs, and you will earn a spot in our company handbook as the recognized designer of the art, but the logo must be ours to love and to own, to use in any way we so choose with any modifications we so choose.
  17. If you have a design that you wish to submit, please email it to For preview purposes you may submit a PNG or JPG, but as stated in the requirements, an SVG must be provided.
  19. The winner will receive a $300 prize for their design. The payment will be made either through The Cash App or through PayPal. A check can be mailed if the artist resides in the United States.
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