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Description: Linux Desktop Success Timestamp: 2015-02-14 21:13:02 +0000
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  1. Message: Hi guys,
  3. I am a long time listener of LAS, Linux Unplugged, TechSNAP and Coder Radio and more recently Tech Talk Today, Unfilter, WTR and BSDNow. Wow that is heaps! Unfortunately I have only been online for a couple of live shows because of timezone difficulties (Brisbane, Australia) but I will keep watching my calendar just in case :) I have been using Linux since 2007 at work and home for various things and full time on the desktop for the the last 2 1/2 years. Ubuntu laptop at work, Arch on all the things at home. LAS was a big contributor to me making the jump full time so thanks :)
  5. Just wanted to share a success story for the Linux desktop at work. I am an engineer working as a sysadmin and developer helping move our organisation towards a devops culture, migrating infrastructure from data center to AWS. A part of that is remote workstations for our data team who perform many large jobs (ETL, data cleanse etc). No Windows here... we opted for Ubuntu 14.04, X2go and MATE for Trusty, all automated and provisioned (self service) thanks to Packer, Ansible and Jenkins. Needless to say everyone is very happy with the performance and flexibility that this solution offers.
  7. Big shoutout to Wimpy and the Ubuntu MATE developers group for this fantastic release that works flawlessly with X2go, awesome work.
  9. Lastly, thanks and keep up the excellent work and great content.
  11. Ross (gunzy83)
  13. PS: I hear this all the time on BSDNow all the time so I am just going to say the opposite: You shouldn't use BSD, use Linux instead
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