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  1. Teams will play best of 3 rounds of 4v4 Drop Zone. The tournament is double elimination and, so, a team that has lost once is relegated to the losers bracket and a team which has lost twice is eliminated from the tournament. The finals, both Winners vs. Losers and Grand Finals, will be best of 5 rounds.  Matches results will not be counted for matches not played according to these following rules (no gentleman's agreements):
  3. 1. The team with the most claimed pods at the end of time or the first team to capture 5, whichever happens first, wins the round.  
  4.         1.1. In the event of a draw, the map is replayed.
  5. 2. The first team which wins 2 maps (for best of 3 matches) or 3 maps (for best of 5 matches) will be awarded the match win.
  6. 3. Teams will play 4v4 Drop Zone
  7.         3.1 A match MAY be played with more players than 4v4, but if only if both teams agree (a team cannot be forced to play 5v5 or 6v6) and only 5v5 or 6v6 is permitted.
  8.         3.2 A 3v3 match will be counted if and only if there is a written agreement between the teams (use a PSN message, "me: 3v3 is ok? you: yeah, fine.", take a screenshot)
  9. 4. Delay of game:  A team which delays the start of a match for more than 1 hour past the designated start time will be assigned a forfeit loss.  This will only happen if there is written proof of the agreed upon start time.
  10. 5. The match must go on:  A match must always be played through to the end.
  11.         5.1 If, for example, a team feels their opponent has broken the rules they should still play the match through to the end, gather the evidence of misconduct, and contact tournament staff at WHERE-TO-GO-ABOUT-DISPUTE-RESOLUTION.
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