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Description: workflow and backup strategy advice please Timestamp: 2017-06-27 16:46:59 +0000
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  1. Hey Guys,
  2. I am a computer science student from Scotland. Discovered Jupiter Broadcasting last year and listen to techSNAP(obviously), LAS(R.I.P), coder radio, user error, linux unplugged, and Linux action news(think that's all of them). They have really helped in the last year of college by being informative on a wide range of subjects. so thanks everyone involved.
  4. Now, the question.
  5. Last year at college I ran a Win10 PC for gaming and when windows was required for assignments. and an Arch linux laptop as my daily driver. After a major data loss part way through the year I started backing up my laptop and desktop to an external USB using borg backup.
  7. This year I want to be a little more organised. I have my laptop running Ubuntu Mate, My main PC has been purged of windows and now runs Ubuntu Gnome, this has i5-4670k, 32GB ram 240gb ssd for OS and 2 1tb WD blue spinning disks. I was thinking of running the two spinning disks as a mirror as I don't really need that much storage and the redundancy would be nice.
  9. I am looking for advice on how best to sync files on between the desktop and laptop and some sort of automatic backup solution. I also have 2 spare raspberry pis and a 1tb external USB drive lying around if those can be used. I have been eyeing a FreeNas mini but I cant really afford it and I think it may be overkill.
  11. My Ideal situation would be to work on desktop at home, laptop at college and have the files synced between them (last year I had been using dropbox to move files between them). and some sort of automatic backup solution (either to the pi or the desktop)?
  13. Any advice or guidance on where to point my research for a solution would be great.
  15. Keep it up guys.
  17. Kevin
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