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Description: Starting a Successful Freelance Business with an Approved Upwork Account to Make Money Online Timestamp: 2019-07-10 20:09:22 +0000
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  1. Starting a Successful Freelance Business with an Approved Upwork Account to Make Money Online
  2. This thread is to help anyone in need of side income ideas or someone finding it difficult to succeed on Upwork or unable to successfully create an approved Upwork account profile.
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  18. Who is eligible to join Upwork?
  20. * If you are a freelancer working on other freelancing platforms, you can join Upwork to boost your income.
  23. * If you are unemployed or underemployed and tired of being broke, you can learn a skill needed as service on freelancing platforms to serve as a source of income till you are opportune to get your desired job. It is important to mention that every undergraduate and graduate can work on Upwork at their leisure time. All you need is a PC or laptop, Android phone, internet connection and learn a freelance skill via training centre, Google, YouTube,, or discover your natural freelance talent.
  25. * If you belong to the working class and have the skill to offer as freelance service, you can use your leisure time to earn more income on Upwork.
  28. * If you operate a business with services that can be expanded and promoted online as freelance service, you can join freelancing platforms to increase your revenue. Some of the businesses that can be expanded online are graphic design business, powerpoint presentation design service, web design business, mobile app design business, eBook & print cover design business, online tutoring service, data entry business, data analysis service, SEO consulting business, translation business, transcription business, audio & video editing business, animated video production service, songwriting service, music production business, CV & resume writing service, copywriting service, medical writing & editing service, accounting service, business plan writing service, legal advice & writing service, social media management service, digital marketing business, quantity surveying business, building design business, architectural business, 3D modeling services etc.
  32. I will update this thread regularly with more info, articles and important tips that will be of help to Upwork users.
  34. Upwork is by far the best freelancing platform with awesome monetary returns for skilled freelancers all over the world. Unfortunately, Upwork profile rejection has become the norm with newbies not getting a chance to showcase their skills. I know this can be frustrating. So today, I want to address why your Upwork registration might get rejected.
  36. But before we dive in, it is important to keep in mind that if Upwork rejects your profile, it is not the end as I can help to set up an approved Upwork profile of any country and for any category & skills.
  39. For help on Upwork profile approval, kindly send me a PM.
  43. Apart from, other reputable freelancing platforms are,,,, and
  48. What can you do to make sure your Upwork profile is accepted?
  51. Apart from your skills set, there are other issues that could get your profile rejected. Let’s take a look at how you can make sure your profile doesn’t end up in the unapproved bin.
  53. 1. Complete your profile
  54. When registering on Upwork, increase your chances of getting accepted by completing your profile. Complete your profile by adding a profile pic, a headline, profile overview, employment history, education and any other experiences.
  56. 2. Take tests relevant to your skill set
  57. Having the right skills is a necessary condition on Upwork and the more you are able to exhibit that you are highly skilled, the better your chances of getting accepted on Upwork.
  59. 3. Keep improving your profile and try again
  60. If your profile isn’t approved the first time, don’t panic. You can submit it again after making some changes to your skills.
  62. 4. Contact Upwork support directly via official social media channels
  63. Contact Upwork Help and Support if you believe that your profile is complete - I am not sure if they approve profiles after they have been rejected but I believe they will at least give you the reason for your rejection and possibly some tips on how to improve it and then you can resubmit it.
  65. How to get high-value clients and earn big on Upwork
  68. Getting high-value clients who pay a huge amount of money for limited work is every freelancer’s dream. However, to become a sought-after freelancer, your skills should be unrivaled. Your efforts to change your current impasse should be reminiscent of a gold miner. There are major tips on how to get high-value clients who pay huge bucks for quality work. Here are some of the tips in detail.
  70. 1. Start with building your profile

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