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Description: Grub-Btrfs Timestamp: 2019-12-17 19:55:18 +0000
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  1. Hi Chris and Wes,
  3. I run on Btrfs since Chris Btrfs nightmare, first Ubuntu then Arch. My current Arch Linux desktop is from May 2016 with two NVMe drives in Raid 0. I have my server on Arch & Btrfs since October 2018, with Raid 1 for the system and Raid 10 for the data. No issues.
  5. I just want to mention, that SUSE's Grub is patched to boot the "default subvolume" which will be your system after snapper rollback, but this is not the case on Arch. After you ran snapper rollback and reboot, you have to edit the subvolume-number in the grub menu. When you boot in the rolled back system, you have to reinstall grub to detect the new subvolume and update grub, because during running "snapper rollback" you are in a read-only system.
  6. Let me know, if you are aware of this problem and if you have found a solution? It is just a bit inconvenient.
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