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Author: Brad Language: text
Description: ZFS Timestamp: 2017-08-30 12:02:36 +0000
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  1. Hey Wes and Dan,
  3. I wanted to point out something and ask a question.
  5. First, in reference to Christopher Valerio's question on ZFS on his laptop in episode 322. I agree 100% with Dan. I am a Linux refugee (thanks to systemd) who has been running PC-BSD-now-TrueOS for almost 3 years. I will admit, systemd drove me away from Linux, but it was native ZFS and boot environments  that kept me there.
  7. I run TrueOS on both my laptop (Lenovo T530) and my desktop (old quad-core AMD). I have a single drive in my laptop (so far), but in my desktop, the primary zpool is on a pair of 256GB SSDs, and I have a pair of 1TB spinning drives for larger "bulkier" things like jails and ports and what not. Having said that, I have considered buying another 480GB SSD for my laptop, but since I am doing ZFS sends to my FreeNAS box, I have not felt the need to set up mirroring.
  9. The other thing is that I hope Dan misspoke regarding RAID-Z in, I believe it was episode 321. I thought I heard you say that you needed an odd number of drives for a raid-Z2. I always thought it was an odd number for raid-Z, 3 drives or more, an even number (4 or more) for a Z2 array, and 5 or more for Z3. Am I incorrect here? I always thought it was an even number of data drives + the number parity drives, and that the number of data drives should be even. Am I wrong on this point? I don't recall my freenas complaining about the drive selection for the four drives.
  11. Thanks,
  12. --b
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