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  1. Project ABC for round XYZ in queue 456
  3. 10, 25, 40, 55 past hour for release cycles
  5. If ABC not in waiting state then not released.
  7. If XYZ has no queues then ABC is released.
  9. Loop through all queues for XYZ:
  10.   If 456 queue disabled then not released by that queue.
  11.   If ABC not in waiting then not released.
  12.   If ABC has a hold in waiting for this round then not released.
  13.   If ABC not the type for this 456 queue then not released by that queue.
  14.   If 456 queue release criteria not met then not released by that queue.
  15.   If author of ABC not Anonymous, Unknown or Various and already in round
  16.   then not released by this queue.
  17.   If author is Anonymous, Unknown or Various and three such already in
  18.   round then not released by this queue.
  20.   If the PM of ABC has already had a project released into this round this
  21.   release cycle then not released during this release cycle.
  23.   If the PM of ABC already has >10 projects in that round then not
  24.   released this time.
  26.   Still here then try to release it:
  27.     will fail if title, author, language or clearance are blank or
  28.     if no pages.
  29.     will fail if any page images are missing or
  30.     have filesize <100 bytes.
  32. Only fails after that if a catastrophic system or database error occurs,
  33. such as running out of hard disk space etc.
  36.    If there are no pages in the round for this queue then try to release 1
  37.    project for it, ignoring all other restrictions such as author etc.
  38.    earliest in queue, alphabetical a->z (side quest)
  40. End loop, check next queue for round
  43. Nothing particularly complicated or mystical. However one can't just start
  44. with a project and determine whether it will or will not be released. Not
  45. easily, not without stepping through the cycles, since anything before
  46. that project could change the state. For example if a project were
  47. released with the same author before it then it will not be released,
  48. unless it meets the emergency release criteria for some queue.
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