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Description: What "ultimate PC" look like? Timestamp: 2013-01-20 16:40:34 +0000
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  1. I've lost touch with the hardware world, especially video cards. It used to be simple and now with all the various technologies and "focused" trains of thought to a particular use you can't just buy any old video card and expect it to do everything you want. Alas.
  3. So, my question: I'm an avid Linux user and am slowly mapping out what my next "ultimate PC" should look like. I have a computer with the following PCI slots:
  5. 5 PCIe x8 slots
  6. 5 x8 slots
  7. x16 connectors on all slots
  8. 3 full-height, half-length and 2 full-height full-length slots available
  10. I'd like to set up a multi-monitor setup (as many as I can combine) given the above PCI limitations. What is your suggestion(s)?
  12. From what I've read there seems a LOT of various tweaks to get Linux to use 6 monitors at high resolution. For me, I want a lot of monitors because I like to maximize my application windows AND I run a lot of virtual machines (in which I'd like to dedicate a monitor to a VM).
  14. I'm really in over my head here and I would really appreciate any/all help/suggestions you all may have. I really want to stick to nVidia because of their dedication to the Linux community. Having said that, what little I can glean from Google it appears some people are having success with ATI's Eyefinity line of cards. Please don't "make" me go to the dark side. :-p
  16. Also, as a reminder, my handle is daxm. :-p
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