Author: Dustin and Chris Language: text
Description: Follow up about Livepatch questions in LAN 5 Timestamp: 2017-06-18 17:48:37 +0000
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  1.  1. Say you have 8 or 9 months of patches coming in, and the power goes out/system reboots... Are the patches still installed? Do they get  re-applied?
  3. > Yes, exactly, in two ways...
  5. > First, we release an Ubuntu kernel update every 3 weeks, like
  6. clockwork, period.
  8. > Now, if you purposefully boot into an older kernel -- or -- you reboot sometime in that 3 week period before we release an updated kernel
  9. with those flattened fixes -- then yes, absolutely, all of the live patches that apply to your kernel will be applied about 60 seconds
  10. after reboot.
  12. > Why 60 seconds? Well, that's just in case there's a critical issue
  14. > Depending on how "old" your kernel is, you might have many, many, many live patches applied.
  16. > And against that kernel, I have *44* livepatches applied!!
  19. 2. Are the patches packages, is apt aware of them? Do package versions get rev'ed?
  21. > Sort of. We're actually using Snap packages, rather than Apt packages, to deliver the Livepatch deamon (canonical-livepatch) and retrieve livepatches.
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