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Author: Paul Language: text
Description: We made Paul see RED! Timestamp: 2013-05-29 22:49:31 +0000
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  1. Hey there Chris, I'm a big fan and listener of Unfilter, across the pond in the UK. :)
  3. I share many of your sentiments regarding the politics you discus in the show, however, in all honesty both of your opinions on gun-control make me see red!
  5. However, I make a point of listening to opinions I disagree with, as I see it as healthy in order to come to my own conclusions.
  7. It was in fact as I listened today that I realized it was not so much my disagreement on gun-control that made me angry, it was in-fact the lack of discussion from either side of the issue. For sure you both have discussed gun-control in great detail, but you have only done that from within one side of the spectrum of the debate.
  9. I realize that Unfilter is an opinion show, and equally I realize I watch it through my own choice to do so, however if a core ideal of your show is to 'find' the truth, then I think it would be great to hear alternative voices. I don't think echo-chambers are ever really a smart way to find whats right.
  11. In particular on gun-control surely a foreign perspective is required? As many of us have personal experience of living in countries with regulated fire-arms.
  13. Regardless, I'm still loving the show and lots of the other content you produce. Thanks for all the great Jupiter broadcasting content.
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