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  1. hello there,
  3. Happy to see a show that is not only linux for a change :)
  5. I was wanting to test all my machines to see if they have the latest freeBSD version installed . i wandered if there was, like for CMS, an API that i can use to ask freeBSD which version exist, their last version number and the max support date for it.
  8. For CMS like wordpress and Drupal etc.. you can make an API call to their site to get the list of version and know if yours is up to date. This problem should have been an issue for far longer in the OS field so i guess there is a system to ask the version and their status but i cannot find ressources on this. Any idea ?
  10. I hope this lead not to try to parse with wget|awk|cut|whatever to get the information ;p
  12. enjoying the show !
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