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  1. Hi,
  3. I hope Iím not too late for this TechSNAP show. I have a question regarding your last show (episode 339).
  5. Iíve been thinking about tape drives for a loooooooong time. I started considering tape drives about 15 years ago. As time passed I thought that tapes are dying and will soon die, so Iíll have problem with old unsupported technology. In your last show you presented that sales of tapes are still in rise and that you still use tapes.
  7. I donít know anything about tapes and tape drives. Can you please tell us some basic stuff about tapes; for instance technology for data storage, type of cartiges, tapes, drives, Ö kind, sort, category, group, description, form, brand, tier, variety, character, subdivision, classification, grade, level, character, quality, class, kind, genre, breed and of course species of tapes. :)
  9. Well anything that might help me choose right tapes for my home and my business.
  12. Of course I have a second question.
  13. What do you think is it good idea to use ZFS for backup to tapes? Or is better to use rsyinc or some other backup program such as Bacula?
  16. Thank you.
  18. Best regards,
  19. Mr. B
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