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Description: Thoughts on Gaming Timestamp: 2013-06-15 22:08:39 +0000
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  1. Hey Chris and Matt,
  3. You posed the question on this weeks LAS about what seems to be a luke-warm response to gaming on Linux. There is some truth to that, but for good reasons.
  5. First there are not a lot of (or any really) current generation blockbuster titles available for Linux. While I love me some indie games, I really want Bio Shock and other big titles available from launch day. With out those I have to maintain a Windows box to get those games when they launch.
  7. Secondly, we don't have the numbers and I'm not talking free cash numbers either. The install base for the home desktop or put more directly home gaming rigs that run Linux is super small compared to Windows. See reason above to explain why.
  9. Its not that we don't exist or that we are unwilling to buy, it just that we are still second class citizens to game developers and it shows. As much as I hate to say it Ubuntu may be able to change that. How much damage it does to its own community along the way is a different story altogether. They might be the keystone to Linux going mainstream, until that happens (or another distro makes it happen) we will be on the fringes buying our indie games and continuing our mainstream gaming on other platforms.
  11. Thanks for reading!
  13. Minato
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