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Description: THE CLOUD Timestamp: 2014-10-27 05:00:17 +0000
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  1. I've been following the BSD community for years and have always
  2. been tempted by OpenBSD, playing with it off and on and getting a few
  3. books. I'm starting a new project that demands the best security I can
  4. give it. I find it a perfect excuse to give in to my temptations, leave
  5. my Linux comfort zone, and go full bore with OpenBSD.
  7. Skipping over the cloud vs security discussion, I'd really like to hear
  8. you guys talk about BSD in the "cloud", OpenBSD in particular. I realize
  9. with most kvm based cloud providers I can install my own OS from boot
  10. media and I've even found a handful of BSD friendly providers with OpenBSD
  11. "images" to start with. However, availability just isn't enough for me.
  12. I not only feel good when I purchase from smaller, you might say,
  13. community oriented vendor, but the product and customer support is usually
  14. superior. Tarsnap is the perfect example, you just can't beat jumping into
  15. the tarsnap IRC channel and talking with Colin, and as far as product,
  16. there is no comparison.
  18. I've been able to find some dated threads on, and
  19. other places, with some great feedback from the community on OpenBSD
  20. virtual private servers, but I feel like I still have yet to uncover the
  21. place for my VPS to B... SD.
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