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Description: A review of Manjaro Linux? Timestamp: 2013-06-02 16:07:50 +0000
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  1. Hey Guys,
  3. For the love of computers... do a review of Manjaro Linux.
  5. I decided to give it a shot the other day and I am convinced that it is as easy to use as Mint and about 3 times as fast (also less buggy). I installed it to an ancient spare drive 20GB and I am so impressed that I am going to move the install to my main Linux drive.
  7. I am using the KDE variety, it comes prepackaged with the latest Steam installed, as well as automatically installed the latest Nvidia driver. The default package selection and themes are wonderful.
  9. I would describe Manjaro as the Linux Mint of Arch. I installed the Xfce variant in a vm and that absolutely flies as well.
  11. Anyway here is a quick clip of how fast eclipse opens even while running kdenlive to take a screencap.
  13. I really think that this is the answer to Ubuntu going sideways and even though I love Mint - I am stunned at the speed and stability of Manjaro.
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