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Description: OpenStack update Timestamp: 2014-11-23 20:11:18 +0000
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  1. Howdy,
  3. I've released a new version of my guide on building an Openstack Cloud
  4. image for FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE.
  8. My previous guide for 10.0-RELEASE was quite short and more a collection
  9. of my notes/commands. This version is more comprehensive and also has
  10. more explanation on the Openstack parts of the whole thing.
  12. I've also got a pull request merged in BSD-cloudinit :D. You can give a
  13. cloudinit config file during install, with for example custom plugins or
  14. a username other than the default freebsd user. However, if you have the
  15. username "root", it would set the password on first boot, but right
  16. after that scramble it.
  18. Therefore you could only login with an SSH key, not with a password. I
  19. know SSH keys are better, sadly I have to support some users who think
  20. otherwise. Only internal machines, but still.
  22. It was a one line change, and it got merged :)
  24. And, now that 10.1 is out, I can get back to working on my native IPSEC
  25. VPN tutorial. I'd one for 10.0, but because of bugs in racoon the
  26. specific road warrior config would not work. (I've emailed about that
  27. earlier, it did work when you chaged to either the STABLE or beta
  28. version of 10.1). I don't want to have a tutorial which lets users
  29. install not yet finished software, but now it's finished, I can polish
  30. it up, publish it and also send it to you guys :)
  32. Still loving the show!
  34. Cheers
  35. Remy
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